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Whether it be touch screen gloves, screen protection, car holders, cables, chargers or stylus pens, Orion offer a huge array of accessories for a wide range of mobiles, tablets, eReaders and eBooks. Matching our huge range of cases, all of our accessories are designed for the sole purpose of meeting the consumer’s needs; whether this be in protection, enchantment or charging. Each accessory again meets our high demands. Ensuring only the finest accessories are associated with Orion. Orion also distribute kitchen gadgets from our partners at Gourmet Gadgetry, which include Cake Pop Makes, Waffle Makers & a Slow Juicer, all of which are designed to bring gadgets into the kitchen.



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With trends and style forever changing, Orion ensures our entire range of phone cases are in with the latest styles and meet consumer needs and wants. Each phone case Orion offer are carefully thought out, before being meticulously tailored and shaped to ensure a perfect and secure fit, which also ensures protection to the phone. Whether it is a genuine leather wallet case, a funky designed flip case or a simple gel case, we are able to provide it and provide it to the highest standards of which we set ourselves and all of our products.

The headphone industry is one the most highly lucrative and changing industries, but how can you ensure you are well placed to compete in it? By offering consumers high quality headphones that tick all of the boxes. Orion only provides headphones which meet our exceptionally high demands and high standards on sound, music clarity and comfort. With our specially designed headphones for specific ranges of demographics, which feature Bluetooth connectivity, we can provide headphones for the future…today.

Tablets have fast become essential devices to our everyday lives and these tablets need to be kept safe and protected, which is why at Orion we ensure we are first to market cases for the newest tablets and also ensure our range of specially designed and developed cases offer premium protection and various features, such as stand cases, to truly enhance the tablet experience of the consumer. Our range of tablet cases are exclusively manufactured using only the finest quality materials and are custom designed to ensure they are tailor made for each tablet.